How Can I Use My Domain With My Webspace Package?

Can I Use my domain with my Webspace Package?

Due to technical and security limitations on our host server systems you cannot direct your domains to your Webspace Package just by adding or modifying the A records in the DNS zones on the associated nameservers. 

There are three options to make your domains usable on your Webspace Package:

1) Creating DNS records for your domains on our nameservers:

Under the menu item "DNS Zone Management" in your Customer Control Panel you can create an unlimited number of DNS zones for your domains free of charge. Your domains can be registered by third party providers as well. The DNS zones are stored on Contabo nameservers, and within these DNS zones you can define multiple DNS records such as the A record, which make a domain point to a certain IP address.

You do not need to specify the DNS records individually when creating a DNS zone; just choose the correct target IP address, working DNS records will be set automatically. 

After the creation of a proper DNS zone and once Contabo nameservers are assigned to your domain, you can use the domain on your Webspace Package in a very secure way. 

Please note that only the present domain provider is able to change the assigned nameservers, so you will have to contact the domain provider directly, or optionally use an administration panel from your domain provider if there is any available to make this change. After all, you need to add the domain in your Webspace Package using cPanel. 

You can choose between adding it as an "Alias" (also known as "Parked Domain") and as an "Addon Domain".

An "Addon Domain" will have its own subfolder in your public_html directory. It will also have its own rights such as an independent FTP login and the option to administer e-mail addresses of the new domain.

An "Alias", on the other hand, has no own subfolder, it is linked to the main folder. Creating redirections and e-mail addresses is possible with "Aliases"too.

2) Transferring your domains to Contabo:
Alternatively, you can transfer your domains to Contabo. In order to do so, you would have to order them in the section "Register/transfer-in domain" under the menu item "Domains" in your Customer Control Panel.

You can find a guide on how to transfer existing domains to Contabo here.

3) Registering alternative domains
If you would like to use other, not yet registered domains instead, you could order them as well in the section "Register/transfer-in domain" under the menu item "Domains" in your Customer Control Panel.

You can find a guide on how to do this here.

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Modified on 15 Mar 2024

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