How Do I Create a Snapshot of My Server?

What is a Snapshot?

If you have a High-Performance VPS series you will have the option to create a snapshot of your Cloud VPS. This functionality is only available on Cloud VPS.

The Snapshot function is not a backup instead, A snapshot saves and stores the current state of your system. This is a useful tool which allows you to run risk-free updates of apps or install new software on your system. In case you encounter any issues after running an update you can easily “roll back” your system to its previous state.

You can perform a Snapshot yourself through the Customer Control Panel.

How do I create a Snapshot?

  1. Log in to the Customer Control Panel.
  2. Click "VPS control" from the blue "control panel" section on the left hand side of the page.
  3. Press the snapshot button on the far right hand side of the row for the VPS you would like to create a snapshot for.

  4. Click the "Create Snapshot" button that appears.
  5. Enter a name for the snapshot and click the "Create Snapshot" button.
  6. You should receive a message that says "The snapshot has been created".
  7. Under the snapshots button you should now see your newly created snapshot.

More information on Snapshots:

Snapshots will not be stored indefinitely. After a period of 30 days the snapshots will be removed. The exact date for the "Auto-Deletion“ can be found in the customer control panel.

Also depending on your VPS package you will have a set limit of the number of snapshots you can store.

Performing a snapshot does not use disk space. The space for the snapshot will not be deducted from the disk space of your VPS, but will be stored in additional space.

Snapshots cannot be downloaded.

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Modified on 15 Mar 2024

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