How do I Receive My Server Details After Buying a Contabo Server?

What happens after I buy a Contabo server?

Once you have placed your order and Contabo received your payment, your instance will be automatically provisioned . A new Contabo account will be created automatically if this is your first order, as well as the credentials necessary to log in to the Customer Control Panel for the first time.

How long does it take to get access to my server?

Provisioning time can vary depending on the server you have ordered, but if you are still waiting for your login details you can check the status of your order here. When it's ready you’ll receive a login email from Contabo with the subject “Your login data!”.

The “Your login data!” data email will be sent to the email address you provided during the ordering process so make sure you check the correct inbox for this email. Also check your spam folder for this email to make sure you don't miss it.

What is included in the login data email?

If this is your first order, the “Your login data!” email will contain your Customer ID and a login and password for the Customer Control Panel. As well as login details for the Customer Control Panel and your server, the email may also contain various information specific to your order. Be sure to save information in this email, as it contains important credentials, such as:

  • IP addresses
  • Server usernames
  • Credentials for Webspace packages
  • Logins to additional services. E.g web management panels, FTP Space, Full-Monitoring, Firewalls or Additional IPs
  • VNC login credentials

It is recommended that you save all information from the “Your login data!” email to a password manager to keep it safe. Once you have stored your information, delete this email as saving login credentials in an email can be a security risk.

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Modified on 10 Apr 2024

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