Can You Provide More Information On Contabo's IPFS Node Image?

Can you provide more information on Contabo's IPFS Node image?

Contabo's IPFS Node image is based on the latest Kubo Client Docker image (

How do I switch to the IPFS user?

For accessing ipfs command you should switch to ipfs user, which is created for security reasons.

sudo -u ipfs -i

How do I retrieve the IPFS version?

You can run the following command:

ipfs version

In turn you should get the following output:

ipfs version 0.22.0

How do I access different IPFS file paths?


You can find the different file paths below:

Staging folder: /var/lib/ipfs/staging/

Data folder: /var/lib/ipfs/data/


How do I run docker commands?

You can run the following command to retrieve docker containers:

docker ps

You can run the following command to read container logs:

docker logs ipfs_host

Kubo Documentation:

You can find the Kubo documentation here for more information.

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Modified on 16 May 2024

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