Can You Provide More Information On Contabo's RunOnFlux Node Image?

Can you provide more information on Contabo's RunOnFlux Node image?

Contabo's RunOnFlux Node image is based on the RunOnFlux multitool (

The image contains every required dependency to start your Flux Node setup.

You can use the below command to switch to the flux user which is created for security reasons:

su flux 

How do I start the Flux Node config?

You can run the following command:

cd /home/flux && ./

Choose Option 2 Install Fluxnode for start (Docker is already installed)

Follow the steps, this will require your Flux Node details.

Other useful commands after installation:

? Pm2 Flux info => status: online, uptime: 8m restarts 0 unstable restarts 0

Commands to manage flux daemon:

Start Flux daemon: sudo systemctl start zelcash
Stop Flux daemon: sudo systemctl stop zelcash
Help list: flux-cli help

Commands to manage benchmark:
Get info: fluxbench-cli getinfo
Check benchmark: fluxbench-cli getbenchmarks
Restart benchmark: fluxbench-cli restartnodebenchmarks
Stop benchmark: fluxbench-cli stop
Start benchmark: sudo systemctl restart zelcash

Commands to manage flux:
Summary info: pm2 info flux
Logs in real time: pm2 logs flux
Stop Flux: pm2 stop flux

Start Flux: pm2 start flux

Commands to manage watchdog:
Stop watchdog: pm2 stop watchdog
Start watchdog: pm2 start watchdog --watch

Restart watchdog: pm2 reload watchdog --watch
Error logs: ~/watchdog/watchdog_error.log
Logs in real time: pm2 logs watchdog

Also to note after installation check 'pm2 list' if it does not work, type 'source /home/flux/.bashrc'

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Modified on 16 May 2024

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