Are There Any Bandwidth Limits at Contabo?

Are there any bandwidth limits at Contabo?

As a hosting provider Contabo are obligated to guarantee a fair distribution of available bandwidth. 

In order to do so various mechanisms are employed which regulate bandwidth allocation and provide a fair distribution.

These mechanisms make an essential contribution to the goal of fair bandwidth allocation, however there are situations in which they are not sufficient. So there are cases where further regulation will come into effect when servers are consuming a large amount of bandwidth.

If your server is using a bandwidth over your bandwidth package during a consecutive ten period the customer support team will reach out to you and inform you that your server has had a bandwidth limit applied to your account.

To avoid this from happening you have two options depending on the type of server you have:

For Dedicated Servers and Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS):

If you require constantly high bandwidth values which exceed 100 Mbit/s, we can offer you different Data Transfer packages:

  • Unrestricted Data Transfer at 250 Mbit/s:  €86.29
  • Unrestricted Data Transfer at 500 Mbit/s:  €172.49
  • Unrestricted Data Transfer at 750 Mbit/s:  €258.79
  • Unrestricted Data Transfer at 1 Gbit/s:  €344.99

If you are interested in an Unrestricted Data Transfer upgrade please contact the customer support team.

You can raise a ticket with the customer support team via the Customer Control Panel here.

For Virtual Private Servers (VPS): 

If you have a VPS with Contabo it is not possible to upgrade it to be capable of using a higher bandwidth package.

The possibility to upgrade to your servers bandwidth capabilities is only available for Dedicated Servers and VDS. So if you require over 100 Mbit/s on a consistent basis you would need to cancel your VPS plan and purchase a new VDS or Dedicated Server.

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Modified on 02 May 2024

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