How Can I Setup DKIM on cPanel?

How can I setup DKIM on cPanel?

  1. Log in to your Cpanel account.
  2. Search for “Email Deliverability” in the search bar.
  3. Open the “Email Deliverability” tool.
  4. After opening the matching tool, you might see that a p   with DKIM and SPF at some of your listed domains. In this case, please click on the “Manage” button in the line of the required sending domain. This should open a page that looks like this:

  5. If you have your own server with cPanel and you are using it as a name server, the configuration of DKIM might be finished already. In that case, the status of your DKIM configuration is not “PROBLEMS EXIST”, as shown in the image above. It is then already shown as “VALID”. If problems exist, please click on “INSTALL THE REQUESTED RECORD”. Afterwards, DKIM is shown as valid.
  6. If you are not using your cPanel as nameserver, as it is always the case when using our Webspace,  you will have to manually transfer the record to the DNS zone on the responsible DNS server for your domain.

    Please log into the web interface of your domain registrar and add a TXT record for the subdomain “”.

    “your” has to be replaced with your own domain.

    The data part of the record has to be filled with the character string you see next to “Value” in cPanel. It begins with: “v=DKIM1…”.
  7. If you are using our Contabo nameservers for your domain, please log into the Customer Control Panel, navigate to: DNS Zone Management and edit your domain. Please fill in the fields below “create a new entry” like in the following example:

  8. When you now reload the tool “Email Deliverability” in cPanel and click on “Manage” next to your domain again, the following should be shown:

  9. If you can see the DKIM is set to "VALID" then the setup has been successful.

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Modified on 25 Mar 2024

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