Why am I Seeing a Black Screen When I'm Connected to My Server?

Why am I seeing a black screen when I'm connected to my server?

If you see a black screen after initially connecting when connecting via VNC then that is correct, just click into the VNC window and press the enter key. Your Operating System will then respond with the login screen.

If this doesn't work we also recommend rebooting your server. You can find a guide on how to reboot your server here.

What should I do if I'm still having issues with my server?

If you're still seeing issues you can contact the customer support team.

Please supply as much of the following information as you can to the customer support team to help speed up their investigation:

  • When did the problem occur for the first time?
  • Which activities were in process when the problem arose? 
  • Is the problem consistent or only temporary? 
  • Can you provide log files of the issue?
  • Can you provide any error messages or error codes that you were receiving?
  • Which programs or applications are installed on the server which may interfere with its setup?
  • Please supply your login data and port information so that the customer support team can access your server for a diagnosis.

You can raise a ticket with the customer support team via the Customer Control Panel here.


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Modified on 02 May 2024

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