How Can I Access DevOps as an Existing User?

Overview of DevOps Features:

The DevOps tools have a number of features that can be beneficial to your setup:

  • Faster provisioning time – VPS / VDS with DevOps features have a separate provisioning engine that is much faster than the normal one
  • Custom server images - you will be able to create and store custom server images and use them to spin-off new VPS / VDS or reinstall existing ones
  • Cloud-init support - you will be able to use cloud-init files to customize your system configuration and ease the process of re-deploying
  • API - you will have full control over your VPS / VDS through a CRUD-API, allowing for a wider range of automation use-cases
  • CLI - you will have access to your VPS / VDS through the command line, providing direct access to your system
    SSH-key installation support - accessing your VPS / VDS now is secured through SSH-keys right after (re-)installation are only available for certain VPS products and Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) and they are available for all regions. 

The DevOps tools are only available for certain VPS products and Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS).

How do I switch on the DevOps tools as an existing user?

You will need to add the DevOps tool to your account with the steps below:

  1. Open the Customer Control Portal
  2. Click "VPS control" or "VDS control" from the blue "control panel" section on the left hand side of the page.
  3. Click the switch underneath "Cloud-init" for the server you would like to switch the DevOps tool on for.

How do I access the DevOps tools after switching them on?

You can access the DevOps tools via the Customer Control Portal.

Alternatively you can access them with the API, you can find the Contabo API documentation here.

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Modified on 22 Mar 2024

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