Are There Any Restrictions on The Content Allowed on My Server?

Are there any restrictions on the content allowed on my server?

In general, Contabo Servers are unmanaged root servers. You have exclusive access to your Servers. Provided that there are no violations against German law or Contabo's Terms of Service (ToS) there are no checks for what you are using your Server for.

How are abuse complaints handled by Contabo?

Abuse is a serious threat on the Internet and can cause a huge amount of damage and abuse must be handled strictly and with no tolerance. 

If complaints about your server have been sent to Contabo and the complaint includes things that are against the Contabo ToS, the customer support team will reach out to you about the complaint.

You will be asked to take immediate action to stop the ongoing server misuse. It is required that you solve the problem within 24 hours of being notified by the customer support team and that you reply within this period too. Your reply must contain all information to understand exactly which measures you took to stop the abuse and prevent similar incidents in the future.

If you do not respond to the customer support team with confirmation that the abuse issue has been solved in the 24 hour period access to your server will be suspended.

Can I re-activate my server after an abuse complaint?

If you fail to respond to the abuse notification from the customer support team within 24 hours it is still possible to re-activate your server.

You will need to contact the customer support team to re-activate your server. You can raise a ticket with the customer support team via the Customer Control Panel here.

The customer support team will confirm the price of the re-activation when you reach out to them for re-activation.

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Modified on 02 May 2024

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