How Do I Use Object Locking on Files in My Object Storage?

Can I use object locking on files in my Object Storage?

With Object Locking you can protect files from being deleted or overwritten. You can also make the protection last for a specific amount of time. Please refer to Using S3 Object Lock for a guide on tis.

How do I enable object locking on files in my Object Storage?
The following example requires aws cli to be installed and configured.

  1. A bucket needs to support Object Locking. By default a bucket does not support it. Thus the first step is to create a bucket with object locking enabled. Here an example:
    aws --profile eu2 --region default --endpoint-url s3api create-bucket --bucket bucket-with-locking --object-lock-enabled-for-bucket
    As you might noticed the option --object-lock-enabled-for-bucket is the relevant part.

  2. The next step consists of setting the object locking configuration. Here an example:
    aws --profile eu2 --region default --endpoint-url s3api put-object-lock-configuration --bucket bucket-with-locking --object-lock-configuration '{ "ObjectLockEnabled": "Enabled", "Rule": { "DefaultRetention": { "Mode": "GOVERNANCE", "Days": 3 } } }'
    This example sets the retention time for 3 days. Fore more details please refer to How S3 Object Lock works

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Modified on 17 May 2024

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