Can I Re-Sell Contabo Products?

Can I Re-Sell Contabo Products?

It is possible to re-sell Contabo products and there is no special agreement required to resell them. You can start reselling the VPS and Dedicated Servers right away without any special confirmations.

Is there a reseller program offered by Contabo?

However there is not a general reseller program just because of a single reason: the prices are calculated as tightly possible - no matter if the service is used by a reseller with hundreds of instances or by a customer with just a single VPS. Due to this, there are not any options to provide individual discounts on the monthly fees of Contabo products.

What tools does Contabo offer to manage its services?

There is an API for the VPS to automate every single step starting from the order, the management and to the cancellation once your client cancels an instance. 

You can find the full API documentation here.

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Modified on 22 Mar 2024

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