How Do I Change My Billing Currency?

How Do I Change My Billing Currency?

It is not possible to simply make payment manually with another currency. If you do make a payment with a currency different to the one on your customer account the payment will be rejected and you will be refunded. 

Instead to change the currency used on your account you will need to reach out to the Customer Support team.

You can raise a ticket with the customer support team via the Customer Control Panel here.

Things to note after changing currency:

When the Customer Support team make this change some of your personal account data will be changed or lost, please find a list of things to note below that might be lost or changed when you change your billing currency:

  • You will be given a new customer ID.
  • You will be given new login credentials for the Customer Control Panel.
  • 2-factor authentication will be de-activated for the Customer Control Panel.
  • You will have a clean payment history.
  • All invoices from the old account will be lost.
  • The account balance from the old account will be lost.
  • All subscriptions' prices will be changed to the new currency as indicated on the Contabo website.
  • Your payment method will be lost and you will need to setup a new one.

Also for this change you will be charged an administration fee of based on the currency of the old account.

You may also notice that after changing your currency the prices of your products are also slightly different. This is because currency exchange rates keep changing, so there is no way to precisely mirror the prices in every currency. 

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Modified on 02 May 2024

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