Why is My IP Address Blacklisted by ZapBL?

Is it a problem that my IP address is blacklisted by ZapBL?

ZapBL is a "dead" blacklist that is not being maintained by its owners or used as a blacklist service so you don't need to worry if your IP address is blacklisted by ZapBL. Any information provided by this blacklist is severely outdated and practically unusable.

Why is my address blacklisted by ZapBL?

Contabo have been trying to delist IPs from ZapBL for months and tried any means possible to get in touch with the owners of ZapBL. ZapBL have never sent a reply and not a single delisting request has even been acknowledged.

Because of this we're unable to give a clear answer to why your IP address was added to the ZapBL blacklist but rest assured this is not a blacklist that is used so won't have any effect on you.

Contabo are working closely with all serious blacklist providers to keep their lists up to date and to deal with any type of infringement in the network.

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Modified on 22 Mar 2024

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