I'm Having Issues with My Bandwidth or Latency, What Should I Do?

I'm having issues with my bandwidth or latency, what should I do?

There can be some isolated and temporary limits at different points in the Internet routing due to changes and development to the structure of the Internet. Your local Internet access provider might be the initiator for bandwidth problems in your area so it is always worth checking with your access provider if there are any known issues in your area.

It might be possible to achieve a significant improvement by adjusting various settings. In order to do so, please reach out to the customer support team with the answers to the following questions and they will be able to provide some guidance on these issues:

  • What kind of traffic is your server handling at the moment?
  • Did you change the settings of the network card?
  • Can you send an overview of the services employed on your server and the corresponding network ports?
  • Can you send a traceroute protocol to your server? 

You can raise a ticket with the customer support team via the Customer Control Panel here.

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Modified on 02 May 2024

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